Education Institute of Hawaii
An Independent Catalyst for Improving Public Education in Hawaii

What We Want to Accomplish

 The EIH seeks to transform public education through school empowerment.

  • An empowered school is one with a visionary leader who encourages creativity, collaboration and risk-taking to achieve common goals. With empowerment comes accountability and responsibility for student success.

  • We want empowered principals and teachers in creative, collaborative, innovative schools where students thrive and excel, and common goals are achieved.

  • EIH is a catalyst for school transformation. The current top-down, one size fits all system of public education is broken. We believe that each school community should have the power, resources and responsibility to ensure that students thrive.

  • We want to transform the philosophy and approach to leadership at every level in the public school system.

  • EIH believes that lasting change in public education comes only when schools and communities together take full ownership for creating excellence in teaching and learning.

  • EIH believes that it is important to put student assessment in the proper perspective.

  • EIH believes in more transparency in education.

Students will achieve more when their teachers are able to provide the curriculum and instruction that meet the unique needs of school communities.
— Roberta Mayor, EIH Immediate Past-President