We are an independent catalyst for change!

  • EIH is led by award-winning, lifelong educators, current and retired.
  • EIH believes that there should be only two job descriptions for educators: those that work directly with students and those who support those who work directly with students.
  • We believe it’s important to challenge the status quo in education.
  • EIH believes that transformation must be led by visionary leaders/principals.
  • EIH is funded by a grant from the Mamoru and Aiko Takitani Foundation.

Challenging the status quo

  • Too many children and educators are not thriving in the current system.
  • While Hawaii’s public school teachers, principals and other administrators are competent professionals – fully committed to facilitating an outstanding education for every child – they are trapped by one size-fits-all policies that prevent teachers and principals from addressing the unique needs of students.
  • Change must include and engage a wide range of stakeholders – parents, students and community.

What is needed for change

  • We need to connect best practices in teaching to the operational priorities in the classroom.
  • We’re committed to sparking conversation about education.
  • It’s important to eliminate compliance fixated people at all levels in the school system.
  • We must provide leadership training for our leaders/principals.